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Online spreads with Tarot, Lenormand and playing cards. A selection of free card readings gives advice for love, success and life.

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The origin of the Tarot lies in the time of the Renaissance. However, its philosophical roots are older and are based, among other influences, on the Kabbalah and the philosophy of the four elements.

Playing cards

Card reading can also be done with a normal deck of regular playing cards. They are interpreted both spiritual and numerological and look at both feelings and material reality.


The deck was designed by Anne AdelĂ ide Lenormand in Paris about 200 years ago. There she mainly offered her service to the high society ladies, gave them advice for love or money and looked into the future for them. Despite various esoteric influences, the focus of these 36 divination cards is above all on practical life in the here and now.

You can draw one or more cards

Anyone can read the cards. Psychic abilities are not needed for this, at most a little knowledge how it works. But basically, it is quite simple to do.

You draw one or more cards. What they tell you is based on their meaning. Maybe you ask a question or think about a certain topic while spreading them.

In many cases a spreading system is used. Then the position of the card determines what it tells you exactly. This could be, for example, what your partner is currently thinking and feeling, what the future holds or what you should do in a certain situation. But the answer is provided above all by the particular statement of the drawn card.

Cartomancy is not necessarily omniscient. A guarantee that a divination will occur or that an answer is correct does not exist anyway. In fact, a method is offered that helps one to approach upcoming events or other secrets and to go through various possibilities. When asking the cards, one always observes the own reaction to the results, like thoughts or feelings that come up. In many cases it is exactly that which brings you closer to the answer.